Aminity Supply is an international supplier of a wide range of hospitality products and equipment for restaurants, hotels, (time-share)resorts, cruiseships and sub-contractors of the hospitality branch. We provide Guest and Hotel Supplies in Bangkok and throughout Thailand.

With our headquarters located in Bangkok we are aiming to become the leading supplier of Amenities and Hotel supplies throughout Thailand. Situated in the heart of Thailand we are in a perfect position to serve the local Hospitality industry. Throughout the ages Thailand has been known for its natural beauty and scenic coastline. We try to capture this natural beauty in our unique and custom-made guest amenities. Many hotels and resorts have been pleasantly surprised and impressed by our “Ocean Breeze” fragrance and our custom-made packaging.

We realize that Hotel amenities are more than supplying your guests with soap and a towel. Our products contribute to the comfort and experience of Thailand’s visitors and your customers.

From our new production facility in Bangkok and with our dedicated staff, we work hard to deliver the best Hotel Supplies in Thailand. We are looking forward to become your Supplier of Choice.

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