• Toothbrush TB01 in milky ( stock) or from 5.000 pc available in any pantone color desired
  • Toothbrush TB02 Luxe transparent
  • Toothpaste TP01 Whisper Mint 3 gram
  • Toothpaste TP02 Whisper Mint 6 gram
  • Toothpaste TP03 Oralmed thai brand herbal 8 gram

Eco Stone Dental Kit


Bag made of eco-friendly stone paper with toothbrush / toothpaste inside. Choose one of the available dental amenities below.

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TB01 and TP01, TB01 and TP02, TB01 and TP03, TB01 and TP04, TB02 and TP01, TB02 and TP02, TB02 and TP03, TB02 and TP04, TB03 and TP01, TB03 and TP02, TB03 and TP03, TB03 and TP04, TB04 and TP01, TB04 and TP02, TB04 and TP03, TB04 and TP04

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