Bonnell Spring Mattresses and Pocket Spring Mattresses


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Our mattresses are available in Bonnel (8-inch thick, 5 year warranty) and Pocket spring (10-inch think, 10 year warranty)
Sizes: Single 3 Ft, Twin 3.5 Ft , Double 4 Ft, Queen 5 Ft, King 6 Ft
Also to make with topper inside the matress.
For both (Bonnel and Pocket) are different kinds of fabric available.

Bonnell Spring Mattresses

Bonnell spring mattress systems are the most traditional type of innerspring mattress. The Bonnell coil has an hour glass shape (wider at the bottom and the top than the middle) and are interconnected with a mesh of metal to make the spring system.

In many traditional innerspring mattresses from the 20th century and still some entry level models today have used the Bonnell spring to create durable and supportive mattresses.

Though this system is good at providing even support, there are complaints of aggravated pressure points and discomfort with Bonnel spring systems.

Pros: Durable materials and traditional even feel.
Cons: Pressure point discomfort and motion transfer issues.

Pocket Spring Mattresses

Pocket springs are individually wrapped coil systems that are stitched into mattresses below a comfort layer of foam or other material. Unlike traditional innerspring systems that are interconnected, pocket springs are entirely independent allowing for added contour and pressure point relief than older innerspring models.

The general rule on pocket coil systems is the more coils, the more responsive and motion controlled the mattress is, while still providing support. This directly translates to more comfort.

In most pocket spring beds, there is a layer of memory foam or latex foam above the pocket spring array so that the sleeper gets both the benefits of contouring foam and the comfort of the pocket springs.

Pros: Durable materials and superior comfort to traditional innerspring systems.
Cons: Sleepers should be equally as interested in the foam that is wrapped around the coil system – if that is low quality, the bed still may be uncomfortable.


Bonnellspring 8", 3 FT, Bonnellspring 8", 3,5 FT, Bonnellspring 8", 4 FT, Bonnellspring 8", 5 FT, Bonnellspring 8", 6 FT, Pocketspring 10", 3 FT, Pocketspring 10", 3,5 FT, Pocketspring 10", 4 FT, Pocketspring 10", 5 FT, Pocketspring 10", 6 FT